Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure CASUAL MENU

Charlie & Gerald’s
110 Fox Street, Joburg Town
(between Rissik and Joubert Streets)

Walk-in customers can enjoy scrumptious food, ordered of our casual menu on site. Meal service is available from 9am-11pm (or earlier if curfew demands), Tuesday – Sunday. Our casual meal service will resume as soon as Lockdown Level 4 restrictions on restaurants are lifted.

We have a lovely seating area for walk-in customers on the ground floor with a view of Fox Street and another in the front section of the underground.

Charlie & Gerald’s

Tuesday till Sunday, 9am-11pm
(or earlier if required by lockdown regulations)

Casual menu for walk-in customers
Scrumptious meals served in bowls for your ultimate enjoyment.
For a complete meal, we recommend a combination of three bowls:
a main bowl with a side bowl of vegetables and another of starch.

Our menu is inspired by the diversity of cultures and migrants
making up the inner-city population of Johannesburg.

Starter or snack bowls
Cape Malay Butternut Soup (VEGAN): R60

Vegetable or Chicken Samoosas: R60

Sweet potato fries with humus (VEGAN): R65

Feta & Olive wrapped in Spinach leaves with tzatziki (VEGETARIAN): R70

Breakfast bowls
Scrambled egg, bacon bits, peppers, onion, sliced jalapeno and cheese: R80

Poached eggs in a sauce of tomato, peppers, onion, garlic, paprika and cayenne (VEGETARIAN): R90

Mini Fish Tacos with a Nigerian-Chilli sauce: R75

Main Bowls
Cape Malay fish curry: R90

Prawn Matapa: Mozambican-inspired prawn stew with spinach and tahini: R175

Ethiopian Beef Tibs with Grilled Peppers: R160

Traditional Beef Bobotie:  R105

Aubergine & Lentil Bobotie (VEGAN): R85

Traditional apricot-infused lamb stew: R160
Lemon & olive chicken, slowly cooked in turmeric and coconut milk: R110

Duck chow mein (complete bowl with noodles): R160

Chicken chow mein (complete bowl with noodles): R95

Vegetable chow mein (VEGETARIAN): R75

Steak pasta (complete bowl with pasta): R75

Sweet potato stuffed with humus, roasted chickpea, kyle and tahini (VEGAN): R85

Side Bowls (‘Greens’)
Olive-infused country vegetables
(butternut, sweet potato, peppers, onion, zucchini, olives) (VEGAN): R65

Layers of avo, pineapple and peppers with chopped greens (VEGAN): R75

Red kidney beans, chickpeas and samp,
stewed in coconut milk with tumeric and paprika (VEGAN): R80

Side Bowls (‘Starches’)
Dombolo (steamed bread) (VEGAN): R30

Sadza (pap) with tomato sheba and chemolia (spinach) (VEGAN): R35

Yellow rice (VEGAN): R25

Samp ‘cakes’ (VEGAN): R35

Dessert bowls
Rose- and fig-infused chocolate truffles: R60

Malva pudding with custard: R60

Nut-free baklava: R75

Mango sorbet with fresh ginger and coconut milk (VEGAN): R80

You can also download the menu in pdf format here:

Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure is an initiative of JoburgPlaces
whatsapp: 082 894 5216

We are looking forward to hosting you at Charlie & Gerald’s TOWN TREASURE!