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Set-menu, meze-feast food experiences at our migrant teahouse available on selected Saturdays. BOOKING WITH PREPAYMENT ESSENTIAL



Find Scatterlings Arcade on the ground floor of the Thunder Walker, a historic bank building and now a major visitor destination, originally built in 1904 as a bank building for the United Building Society. Scatterlings is a beautiful migrant teahouse, operated by JoburgPlaces together with the Zwipi Underground and Town Square Banqueting Hall at the Thunder Walker. It is situated in a four-storey volumed arcade with hanging plants and charcoal art depicting some of the famous buildings of Jozi.

Eating at Scatterlings is so much more than just enjoying a meal. It is a tasting sensation, showcasing some of the most famous migrant foods you will find all over the city. Our four-course menu provides an opportunity to travel though the city and experience its migrant culture. Food is served meze-style on platters in the centre of the table, ideal for group lunches or dinners, making for a most casual but delectable meal.

Start off with a masala tea and wine spritzer, complemented by a Greek platter.  This is followed by a vegetarian and fish course that includes Egyptian Mahshi, Mozambican Matapa and Nigerian Tilapia. The third course entails tender Ethiopian Tibs (beef), Chinese Chicken Chow Mein  and Chicken Fourways – a local delicacy showcasing four different styles of enjoying chicken in Jozi. Dessert comprises a nut-free baklava and rose-infused chocolate truffles. It is an abundant tasting experience to remember and cherish.

With a wide range of teas, Ethiopian coffee, tea-cocktails and a full bar,  Scatterlings Restaurant at the Thunder Walker is where to go for outstanding, casual dining.

Selected Saturday lunches. Read the menu below to see the schedule of dates available for booking.

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Booking at Scatterlings is essential.
Email or send a text/whatsapp to 082 894 5216 in order to book..

To book a private event as Scatterlings, download our events prospectus here: