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You will read widely about JoburgPlaces and the Thunder Walker with its Scatterlings Restaurant, Zwipi Underground and Town Square Banqueting Hall in the formal media and on social media. Here are some recent links to reviews and articles:

Email from a group of customers:

“Hi Gerald and Charlie

I have to commend you both and all your incredible staff on one of the most amazing evenings we have had in a very long time. The venue is out of this world, you and Charlie have a passion I wish we could find more of in this beautiful diverse country of ours. The food was awesome, wine even better and as a group of 6, we had the best evening.

Well done and we will definitely be returning with more friends to support this incredible venture of yours.

Hats off to you all.

Kind regards

Rita and Cedric
Debbie and Louis
Kerryn and Mike.”


Zwipi Undergound:

Tours and storytelling dinners

Migrant Cuisine storytelling dinner:

Tours and storytelling dinners

Migrant Cuisine Storytelling Dinner