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JoburgPlaces and Joburg itself are both much talked about. Read here what others had to say:

“Excellent service and what an experience. They go out of their way to make it memorable. They are all so knowledgeable and the food was delicious. Totally worth the money and will be back for another tour in the near future!” – Tripadvisor 2018

“To the most amazing Team – Gerald, Bulelwa, Charlie, the Bar Pros, Security and everyone who is part of JoburgPlaces! THANK YOU for the most incredible experience last night, the Migrant Cuisine Tasting Tour. The food was beyond delish. Bulelwa, you are a legend! Thank you for my beautiful birthday cake!! Gerald, thank you for your incredible knowledge, historically informative and respectful – and massive – knowledge of the history of Joburg. We could have listened to you all week! And for not listening to my instructions and honouring me and my birthday! I am a Thunder Walker today and always and I will make sure I continue to help make our beloved Jozi a welcome, equal and dignified city for all, no matter their roots, who call Jozi home! xxxx”- Facebook 2018

Read about our venue, The Thunder Walker in the FlySafair Inflight magazine:

Not a city for travellers and tourists?
Contrary to popular belief Joburg is Africa’s most visited city! This is according to MasterCard

Travel guides stay clear of Joburg…
Quite the opposite! Johannesburg is Rough Guides’ top city destination for 2015. (

Dangerous and intimidating?
Johannesburg is no longer on the list of the top 50 most dangerous cities on the world. (

Downtown declined?
Yes the inner-city fell into spectacular decline in the late 1980s and all throughout the 1990s. However, today the regeneration of the inner-city is being featured prominently in the world’s media. It is an incredible story of a boom town that fell into decline and disrepair, yet today it is experiencing an inspiring regeneration with lots of once-derelict office and industrial buildings being refurbished and re-purposed. Yes, the city is struggling to keep the momentum going under the current political leadership, but we at JoburgPlaces remain committed to regenerating the inner-city as an inclusive space, friendly and welcoming to all.

A city for cars?
Downtown Joburg was developed for pedestrians and ox wagons and not designed for cars at all. The best way to experience and explore the city is by walking. Start out with a JoburgPlaces walking tour and once you know and understand the city, go on and enjoy the freedom of the city.

Segregated and uninspiring?
A visit to Joburg inner-city is a must for anyone visiting South Africa as it is here that you will encounter a truly African urban experience. The Joburg inner-city is where a new South African society is emerging just over two decades since the end of Apartheid. In Joburg inner-city people of all walks of life, all income groups and all races mingle and share public space. Living, working and playing in the same city. It is an incredibly dynamic and exciting place to be.

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