ONE TABLE Thunder Walker restaurant service

Thunder Walker
Joburg’s astonishing restaurant

Exclusive One Tables in 5 different private rooms, spread over three floors, 7 days a week.

– One Tables can be booked for dinner in all 5 spaces, 7 days a week

– One Tables can be booked for lunch in most spaces, 7 days a week. Only the arcade is not available for One Tables on Saturdays and Sundays as we host Public Lunches (ala carte – order off the menu) on those days.

Astonishing, exclusive, exquisite dining.

Lunch or dinner at the Thunder Walker is always an exceptional experience.
Delectable cuisine, the friendliest hospitality, and the most inspiring, historic setting.

Thunder Walker is now open for lunch and dinner bookings in line with our exclusive ONE TABLE concept for the 2021 season. We take a maximum of five lunch or dinner bookings.  Each table is set in a different room or part of our exquisite historic building. This way, guests can enjoy exclusivity and privacy with the assurance of minimum exposure to other guests during the pandemic.

Note that we host Public Lunches in the Thunder Walker’s arcade where guests can order off the ala carte menu on site on Saturdays and Sundays  from 11:30am-3:30pm. This means the arcade cannot be booked for a One Table lunch on a Saturday or Sunday.

The table options are as follows:

The LONG One Table (banqueting hall)
Situated in our beautiful, airy banqueting hall on the first floor.
The room has a view over Gandhi Square and the interior arcade of the building.
We recommend this table for any group larger than 14.
We can seat a maximum of 30 guests at one table
but easily 100 if using more tables, subject to lockdown regulations.


The SQUARE Table (arcade)
A beautiful square table that seats up to 12 guests in the arcade on the ground floor.


The ARCHWAY Table (private room in the bank vault)
This table can seat up to 14 guests in the mysterious archway room
of the Zwipi Underground (historic bank vault).
The ultimate location for a business dinner with whisky and wine!


The FIRST VAULT BOOTH Table (bank vault)
An intimate setting for two guests in one of the private booths
of the historic, steel vault in the Zwipi Underground.


The SECOND VAULT BOOTH Table (bank vault)
Another intimate setting for two guests in one of the private booths
of the historic, steel vault in the Zwipi Underground.


For all One Table bookings, guests will be seated at the table they chose when they booked. However, all guests will be shown around the building during the night to see and explore the different, fascinating parts of this architectural landmark.

Bookings are available 7 days a week for lunch at 12:30pm and dinner at 6pm.

Guests can also book our Chief Storyteller, Charlie Moyo, to present a private 7-Phases of Joburg storytelling experience, combined with your One Table dinner. Charlie will tell the riveting history of Joburg in its 7-phases of development, including the future of the city in its 7th phase. Storytelling is done in 3 sessions of 30 minutes each before each meal course.

Rate: a minimum fee of R1000 for a table of 2 and R150 for each additional person.



STARTER: Roasted butternut and aubergine
MAIN: Grilled Seabass
SIDE: Citrus salad
DESSERT: Mango sorbet, coconut cream and pickled ginger
PLUS: Pot of Ethiopian Coffee or Herbal Rooibos Tea
R650 per person

STARTER: Vegetable Chinese dumplings
MAIN: Pomegranate Duck
SIDE: Roasted veggies
DESSERT: Moist chocolate cake
PLUS: Pot of Ethiopian Coffee or Herbal Rooibos Tea
R650 per person

STARTER: Feta & olive spinach wraps with tzatziki
MAIN: Tender Beef Fillet
SIDE: Samp and greens
DESSERT: Rose & Fig-Infused Chocolate Truffles
PLUS: Pot of Ethiopian Coffee or Herbal Rooibos Tea
R650 per person

STARTER: Cape Malay Butternut Soup
MAIN: Grilled prawns with a turmeric and tahini sauce
SIDE: Spicy, sticky rice in grilled pepper
DESSERT: Nut-free Baklava
PLUS: Pot of Ethiopian Coffee or Herbal Rooibos Tea
R650 per person

STARTER: Cape Malay Butternut Soup
MAIN: Grilled aubergine with chickpea puree, edamame and peppers
SIDE: Spicy sticky rice in gilled pepper
DESSERT: Mango sorbet, coconut cream and pickled ginger
PLUS: Pot of Ethiopian Coffee or Herbal Rooibos Tea
R650 per person

You can also download the set-menu options here in pdf format:


Only available for tables of 10 or more – perfect for functions.

A delectable menu of fusion, migrant-inspired cuisine, served in small plates in the centre of the table. Guests get to enjoy the small plates of their choice for a casual, gourmet meal of note.

R350 per person

Mini Greek mezze platters
Olives & Feta wrapped in Spinach, Cucumbers, Red onions, Cherry tomatoes, Pita and Hummus
One plate per person

South-African inspired Sweet Potato Fries with Humus
One bowl per two guests

Deep-fried onion rings
One plate per two guests

Middle Eastern inspired Mince Pita Parcels
One plate with four parcels per two guests

Ethiopian Beef Tibs with Chili, Onion and Tomato pickle in an Indian Roti Roll
One plate with two rolls per two guests

Mini Fish Tacos with a Nigerian-Chilli sauce in a Mexican Taco
Two mini tacos per plate per two guests

Vegetable Chow Mein
Egg Noodles, Bokchoy, Onions, Leeks and other vegetables in Soy Sauce
One bowl per two guests

Mozambican Matapa
Prawns stewed with collard greens and tahini and served with yellow rice
One plate per two guests

South African Deep-fried Chicken Butter Ball
One plate with two balls per two guests  

Greek-inspired Nut-free Baklava
One plate per two guests

Fig and Rosewater-infused Chocolate Truffles
One plate with two truffles per two guests

* Vegan and vegetarian alternatives can be arranged when booking.

You can also download the Meze Feast menu here in pdf format:


Terms & Conditions
Guests must prepay and pre-order one of our exquisite set menus.
A maximum of 2 set menus for tables of 4, and 3 set menus for any larger table.
We will set a beautiful table for you. Yes, ONLY you in the specific space you choose! This way you can be sure that you will not overly be exposed to other guests, but that you can mingle freely with the people in your bubble at your table.

Bookings for two or more guests for ONE table will be accepted.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance so that we can be sure to arrange staff and stock.

Note that if the Meze Feast option is booked, the minimum number of guests is 10 or the minimum spend is R3500 on food. Note that this menu option cannot be combined with any other menu option.

A booking is only secured when payment is received, and we reserve the right to accept another booking if your booking is still unconfirmed (unpaid) at that moment. Prepayment is essential to secure a booking.

We will send you a link to follow so that you can prepay by bank card to secure the booking.

R650 covers the menu. Drinks to be ordered and paid on site.

The fee charged already covers staff fees and we do not expect you to have to tip at all. We do value our incredible staff team though and know that in this difficult time, they can do with all the support possible. We cannot accept tips by card as we do not have the means to handle the complicated bank reconciliation process. Should you wish to still pay a tip on the day in addition to the fee prepaid, please do so in cash. Our front of house manager will split this equally between all the staff on site. But know that your booking is already enough for us and we appreciate your custom in this time.

To book, send an email to
or a whatsapp to 082 894 5216