Public Tours

Monthly special-interest PUBLIC TOURS
First Saturday of each month
Sat 5 March: Urban Farming Tour
Sat 2 April: Viewpoints & Watering Holes Tour
Sat 7 May: Fashion District & Little Addis Tour
Sat 4 June: Money, Banks & Vaults Tour


SAT 5 MARCH 2022, 9am-2pm:
Entrepreneurial farmers and traders regenerate the inner-city.
R325 per person 

Note this tour also makes use of Rea Vaya public buses. Guests need R100 in cash on the day for bus tickets or taxi transport. This is in addition to the prepaid fee

In a city with many vacant and derelict spaces, urban farming is showing huge potential in terms of urban regeneration. Whether it is an underused public park, a disused bowling green, a series of old industrial buildings or even a rooftop, urban farming can bring new life to previously forgotten spaces. On this walk and exploration by Rea Vaya bus, we visit three different inner-city farms where you get to learn more about the challenges, potential and methods used to farm right where the demand for fresh produce is: in the heart of the city. You also get to buy some produce, juices and more from the urban farms.

Note that this exploration involves a fair amount of walking. At the first ‘farm’, guests must climb up a ladder to the first-floor rooftop tea garden and nursery. We make use of the Rea Vaya public bus system to travel between stops and this can be challenging and require some patience. This walk is certainly for the young-at-heart and adventurous. Make sure you have a big breakfast beforehand or you will be starving before the end. Delicious tea will be on sale at the first stop (JFF rooftop). Fresh juices, sauces and if you are lucky, bread will be on sale at the last stop (Bertrams inner-city farm). Please bring cash along to purchase these items

Typical schedule:
9am: Meet at the Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure for introduction.
9:15am: Walk up to Kerk Street market and then Rea Vaya Library Gardens Station
9:30am: Depart by Rea Vaya to Braamfontein
9:45am: Disembark from Rea Vaya in Braamfontein and walk to Juta Street
10:05am: Visit the JFF Rooftop Tea Garden & Nursery (note guests have to climb a ladder up to the first floor roof garden)
10:45am: Walk back to Rea Vaya station
11:05am: Depart by Rea Vaya to Joubert Park
11:20am: Disembark from Rea Vaya at Joubert Park and walk up to Outreach Foundation
11:40am: Visit hydroponic rooftop farm at Outreach foundation
12:10am: Walk back to Rea Vaya station in Joubert Park
12:30am: Depart by Rea Vaya to Ellis Park
12:40am: Disembark from Reay Vaya and walk to Bertrams Inner-city Farm
12:45am: Visit Bertrams Inner-city farm
1:30pm: Depart by Rea Vaya back to Library Gardens and walk back to Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure, arrive back by 2pm.

SAT 2 APRIL, 2pm-8pm
R425 per person 

Food and drinks along the way for your own account on the day.

Experience some of Joburg’s most famous drinking spots – from trendy rooftop bars to the coolest hidden spots in the city. Discover the Johannesburg inner-city that is undergoing a remarkable rebirth, a city that offers much more than you would imagine in terms of trendy bars and entertainment. You are guaranteed an exceptional and memorable evening in the city! We take you on a curated tour by bus with storytelling about the history of Joburg at each stop while you get to experience the liveliest, hippest, African city on the way.

Typically, the tour would look like this:
2pm: Start at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
2:15pm: Depart to Newtown
2:30pm: Visit FIRST 15 BREWERY in Newtown
3:15pm: Depart to Parktonian in Braamfontein
3:35pm: Visit PARKTONIAN rooftop
4:15pm: Depart to Maboneng
4:30pm: Visit CURIOCITY in Maboneng
5:15pm: Walk in Maboneng
5:20pm: Visit BERTRAND in Maboneng
5:55pm: Depart to Hallmark House
6:15pm: Visit HALLMARK House (the roof that you missed out last time. Note that the pool has been removed but the venue remains awesome.
7:15pm: Depart back to Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
7:30pm; Arrive back at CHARLIE & GERALD’s TOWN TREASURE where guests can stay for dinner if they so choose.

  • Stops are indicative and may differ from day to day depending on availability of venues/stops in terms of private functions and more.SAT 7 MAY, 9am-2pm

    Cultural immersion into the migrant communities of the inner-city.
    R325 per person
    Probably the most fascinating walk in the inner-city, it takes in the historic garment district, today repositioned as the Fashion District. Visit the Fashion Kapitol and Fashion District Wholesalers, known for its Shweshwe fabrics. Also shop in Pan-African fabric stores and trendy gents clothing stores, before exploring the Ethiopian Quarter. Discover buildings full of mazes of shops, sample the best Ethiopian coffee or beer and enjoy a lovely Ethiopian meal too (coffee and food for customer’s own account). This walk is a cultural immersive experience that uncovers the fascinating migrant history and communities of the city – and it shows the crucial role migrants play in the economy and regeneration of the city.

    Typical schedule:
    9:00: Introduction at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
    9:45: Walk to Fashion District
    10:15: Arrive at the Fashion Kapitol and do a walkabout of the Fashion District including Fashion District Wholesalers with Sheshwe fabrics.
    11:00: Walk through Joburg Mall to MRock Gents Fashion Store
    11:30: Walk to the rest of the Ethiopian Quarter, known as Little Addis and visit coffee shops, restaurants and traditional Ethiopian fashion and giftware shops
    12:30:  Walk back to Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
    13:00: End

    SAT 4 JUNE, 9am-1pm
    R325 per person   

    Visit some of the most astonishing hidden and forgotten spaces of the old financial district in the Johannesburg CBD – from banking halls, to underground vaults and even the old stock exchange trading floor in Diagonal Street. Hear remarkable stories of how money, banks and vaults helped shape the City of Gold from its gold-rush inception in 1886 and up to today.

    Typical schedule:
    9am: introduction at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
    9:15 Walk to Rand Club
    9:25: Visit Rand Club Map Museum
    9:55: Walk to 87 Commissioner
    10:00 Visit 87 Commissioner, erstwhile Barclays Bank Head Office.
    10:15 Walk to Natal Bank/Ornico
    10:25 Arrive at Natal Bank and tour the building
    10:55 Walk past National Bank House and old Volkskas
    11:10 Walk across Library Gardens and through the Bank City complex
    11:30 Arrive at JSE Newtown and visit the old stock exchange trading floor.
    11:50: Walk down Ferreira Street and down Main Street
    12:20 Arrive at Standard Bank to visit the Mine Shaft Museum
    12:40 Walk back to Gandhi Square
    13:00 Arrive back at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure (old United Safety Deposit Vault)
    13:30 End

    To book any of these tours, send an email to or a whatsapp to 082 894 5216. We will respond with a confirmation letter and payment details.