Pretoria Walks & Cycles

Siyaya ePetori!
We are going to Pretoria!

Yes, you have read correctly.
Charlie and Gerald of JoburgPlaces are going to Pretoria!

No, we are not leaving Joburg. However, we will now also be offering incredible Pretoria walking tours. Just 70km north of Joburg is Pretoria, also affectionately known as iPitoli, Tshwanefontein, Pretoria, Jacaranda City, Snor City, Pertoors and ePetori. It is the city that never wanted to be a city. In so many ways it still is a town with a rural, countryside tranquillity. It is a place of astonishing and often-disputed history, remarkable spaces, and places.

JoburgPlaces will bring its unique way of storytelling to Pretoria. Guests can look forward to a curated narrative that makes for an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. From pre-colonial times, our story will cover the history of Tshwane, the Boer-republic era, the British colonial time, the formation of the Union, the development of a local, independent architecture into the dreaded Apartheid republic era. The famous sites of the struggle against apartheid and the skyscrapers of the 80s that tried to position Pretoria as the bureaucratically controlled business hub, above the independently- and entrepreneurially mined Joburg. The massive change in demographics and management of the city post democracy and the slow remake of the city into what could become a truly people’s place. It is a mix between, history, architecture, and the cool, newer and trendier vibes of the city.

We offer two walks which can be combined into a full-day experience, or that can be booked as separate half day experiences. During January and February these walks will only be available on a private booking basis.


Hoooza ePetori Inner-City Walk or Cycle

A walk through the intriguing and modest, yet stately Pretoria inner-city. We start off at Gautrain Pretoria Station. From the impressive Herbet Baker building on this site, we amble down Paul Kruger Street to the grandiose Church Square, surrounded by a magnificent collection of architectural edifices.  An easy walk along the pedestrianed Church Street with its welcoming street vendors (new name) leads us past the imposing Reserve Bank tower to the super cool, arty, youthful and vibrant 012 Central. Opportunity for some beautiful fashion shopping, eats and drinks here. Our walk back to the station takes us past the old Volkskas tower, today beautifully renovated.

Typical schedule for Hoooza ePetori Walk or Cycle
9:30: Introduction at Pretoria Gautrain Station
9:45: Walk along Paul Kruger Street
10:00: Church Square and environs
11:00: Burlington Arcade
11:10: Amble along Kerk Street
11:40: 012 Central (including MRock and African Beer Emporium)
12:20: Walk past old Volkskas Tower
12:40: Tramshed
13:00: Back at Pretoria Gautrain Station

Fabulous Freedom Park Walk

On our afternoon walk, we explore Freedom Park. Situated on a hill near the Voortrekker monument is this remarkable museum and park that tells the story of South Africa – from ancient times through to industrialisation, apartheid and the struggle for democracy and freedom. The Freedom Park Museum, known as //Hapo is an exceptional piece of architecture. The exhibitions are truly world-class, telling the South African story with sensitivity and in a holistic context. The museum displays are interactive and captivating with many short documentary films and intriguing, artistic destinations. The museum comprises 7 epochs, including earth, ancestors, peopling, resistance and colonisation, industrialisation and urbanisation, nationalisms and struggle, nation building and continent building

We guide you through the museum with explanations and storytelling, to make for an exceptional experience. Next, we amble up the timber deck to the top of the hill where we visit the various installations and curated spaces that pay homage to South Africa’s ancient history and its achieving of democracy. From the huge amphitheatre and Wall of Names to the mythical Isivivane and the tranquil Uitspanplek. It is significant that South Africa’s monument to freedom, is a park rather than an imposing building. The landscape architecture and incorporation of the indigenous vegetation are superb. The many stone walls reminiscent of Great Zimbabwe are astonishing. The highlight of the tour though, undoubtedly is the mesmerizing views of the entire city with its attractive skyline set in the valley below.

Adding the Fabulous Freedom Park Walk to the Hoooza ePetori Inner-City Walk, makes for an unforgettable day in which you will get to see and experience the entire story of South Africa and its somewhat reluctant capital city. You will leave inspired with shifted assumptions and perceptions, ready to imagine how a better future could be shaped too.

Typical schedule:
1:30pm: Meet at Pretoria Gautrain station
1:40pm: Cross bridge over the railways and walk through Salvokop to Freedom Park
2pm: Introduction at Freedom Park
2:15pm: Freedom Park Museum
3:15pm: Walk up the hill to explore the landscape architecture elements such as Isivane, the amphitheatre and the Uitspanplek.
4:30pm: Leave Freedom Park and amble through the Salvokop township with its rural, countryside town vibes. Possibility to enjoy a drink at one of the spaza shops, taverns or Chesa Nyamas (tour can be extended by 30 minutes for this purpose if guests so wish).
5/5:30pm: Tour ends at Gautrain Pretoria Station


Half day Hooza Epitori Walk:
Minimum fee of R1200 for 1 to 3 guests.
Plus R350 per additional guest.

* Lunch at MRock or African Beer Emporium (AEB) at 012 Central for your own account.
* Note AEB is currently closed during Level 3 restrictions.
* Private group/’bubble’ bookings only till end of February 2021.
* It is possible to book this tour also as a cycling tour if you have your own bicycles. We do have bicycles with which we can guide you along the way.

Half day Freedom Park Walk:
Minimum fee of R1200 for 1 to 3 guests
Plus R350 per additional guest.

* Entrance at Freedom Park not included in this fee.
* Citizens of African countries pay R65 entrance and rest of the world pay R150 entrance.

If you book a full day walk, combining the two tours into one:
Minimum fee of R2000 for 1 to 3 guests and R450 per additional guest.

* The same exclusions/additions apply as mentioned above.

Starting point:
All tours start and end at the Gautrain Pretoria station. If you book as a group coming from Johannesburg, it is possible for us to meet you at any of the stations along the way to Pretoria. This will also create the opportunity to tell the introduction and background story on the train already! Note that cost of Gautrain is for your own account and not included in the tour.

To book, email: or send a whatsapp to 082 894 5216.

  • Full payment is needed in advance, in order to secure a booking.

    All the info listed above, can also be downloaded in the form of a pdf brochure. Click on the link below (then on the next page click on the link again and the pdf document will open for you to save onto your device).