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LocalPlaces will be published as a series, with JoburgPlaces due in December 2022 and PretoriaPlaces in July 2023.

LocalPlaces / JoburgPlaces:
Authored by Gerald Garner, who operates JoburgPlaces Tours with Charlie Moyo. Together they also operate Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure – a remarkable restaurant, bar, and events space in an erstwhile bank vault in the heart of Joburg Town.

LocalPlaces / PretoriaPlaces:
Authored by Gerald Garner, who operates PretoriaPlaces Tours with Charlie Moyo. Together they also collaborate with Tommy and Stefanie de Beer in the running of Tommy & Stefanie’s Town Treasure – an occasional, pop-up eatery on a hilltop east of Pretoria city.

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LocalPlaces / JoburgPlaces

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A decade later, it is time to republish JoburgPlaces. This time it will be done as part of a series of LocalPlaces guides. First will be JoburgPlaces in December 2022, followed by PretoriaPlaces in June 2023. Eventually, we plan to publish guides to many cities, towns, and regions in Southern Africa. All LocalPlaces guides will be published as ebooks (pdf format), as content on a searchable website, as printed books and as phone apps.

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Joburg Basics
Getting from A to Zee

The 7-Phases of Joburg Overview – Available Feb 2022

Inner-City West – Available June 2022
Fordsburg – Vrededorp – Brixton

Inner-City North – Available May 2022
Millpark – Braamfontein Werf – Braamfontein – Constitution Hill – Hillbrow & Joubert Park

Inner-City Central – Available April 2022
Newtown – Central Joburg West – Central Joburg – Fashion District & Little Addis – Doornfontein

Inner-City South – Available Feb 2022
Ferreira’s Town – Marshalltown West – Marshalltown Central – East Town – Selby & Faraday

Inner-City East – Available March 2022
Maboneng – New Doornfontein & Ellis Park – Troyeville – Bertrams – Bez Valley

SOUTH JOBURG Available July 2022
Selby – Turffontein – Rosentenville – Regents Park – Further South – Soweto

PARKS VILLAGES Available August 2022
Melville – Parkview – Westcliff – Greenside – Emmarentia – Parkhurst – Parktown North – Illovo

NORTHEAST VILLAGES Available September 2022
Houghton – Orange Grove – Norwood

NORTHERN NODES – Available October 2022
Rosebank – Melrose Arch – Sandton – Alexandra

FAR NORTH Available November 2022
Outside the ring road (N1/N3)

OUT & AWAY IN THE REGION – Available November 2022

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Where traces of the London of Africa remain
– Old Joburg South

Joburg is a sprawling and complex city of incredible diversity and nowhere more so than in the inner-city. In the LocalPlaces/JoburgPlaces guide, we refer to the inner-city as Old Joburg – as opposed to newer nodes such as Rosebank and Sandton. While JoburgPlaces features the significant spaces and places of the greater city, the bulk of the guidebook is dedicated to Old Joburg – a part of the city often misunderstood, feared, and avoided. Yet, at the same time the busiest and most vibrant part of the entire greater Johannesburg.

The old city is not simply one Central Business District. In many ways it is no longer a business district at all, but a series of mixed-used neighbourhoods or villages, where people live, work and play. Each different precinct has a unique character, culture, and vibe. One can literally spend a year, if not years, exploring Old Joburg and still be discovering new spaces and places every week.

JoburgPlaces will feature different parts of Old Joburg in separate chapters. The first to be published in February 2022, will be Old Joburg South – the inner-city neighbourhoods of Ferreira’s Town, Marshalltown West, Marshalltown Central, East Town (including Jewel City) and Selby-Faraday (the stretch between the Anderson Street and the M2). Overall Old Joburg South is defined as the area between Commission Street to the north and the M2 to the south, as well as the M1 to the west and Joe Slovo Drive to the east.

Much await the explorer of this part of Old Joburg, with the most prominent landmark buildings and spaces being the Magistrates Court, Gandhi Square, the Carlton Centre, and Jewel City. Many of Johannesburg’s most significant architectural edifices stand here – especially so historic buildings dating back to the early 1900s. The era of the 2nd Joburg, the Empire City, also known as the London of Africa.

It is easy to lose yourself here in the splendour of yesteryear. Mostly so in the quadrant between Commissioner, Harrison, Fox, and Loveday Streets. Here, Standard Bank’s first Joburg head office (recently auctioned) is awaiting a makeover, while Victory House is currently being repainted, restoring some of its former glory. Its claim to fame that it housed the first lift in the city!

Read more in LocalPlaces/JoburgPlaces to be published during 2022.

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LocalPlaces / JoburgPlaces is being authored by Gerald Garner and Charlie Moyo.

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