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Gerald Garner and Charlie Moyo are widely known for their captivating inner-city tours and events, as well as being outspoken inner-city regeneration activists. Passionately believing in the future of inner-city living and the regeneration of the Joburg inner-city, the pair is introducing a new blog.

The future is urban. In the case of the Joburg inner-city, as many as 100 000 apartments have been crafted out of disused office and industrial buildings during the past decade. More recently, several brand-new apartment blocks have risen in the city too. What started out initially, mostly as an initiative to provide affordable accommodation for students and young professionals in the city, has grown to the extent that many families now choose to live in the inner-city too.

During this time, the transient nature of short-term rentals of a year or two, have slowly begun to change. Nowadays residents (often families) are choosing to make the inner-city their long-term home. Yet, prospective residents have many questions about the viability of inner-city living. Is it safe? How do I get around? Where do I shop? These are just some of the questions often asked and that will be answered in the new Joburg Inner-City Living blog.

While it is possible to find many property rental advertisements online, it is difficult to make sense of which area to live in. Of course, the answer depends on the prospective resident’s personal requirements such as proximity to his/her place of work, access to public transport, schooling and more. For this reason, the management team of JoburgPlaces – Charlie Moyo and Gerald Garner – is setting out on a new adventure: the publishing of a regular blog, providing insight into everything to know about inner-city living. Apart from a fortnightly blog, the team will also consistently post on the topic of inner-city living on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The plan is to make the most of the huge following of people already following Charlie and Gerald and interested in everything that is the inner-city.

In the post-Covid world, it is expected that many people will be keen to downscale and to embark on the more adventurous and sustainable idea of inner-city, neighbourhood living. Yet no-one would choose to live downtown based solely on the quality of a building or individual apartment. Often local and neighbourhood amenities are more important deciding factors. The Joburg Inner-City Living blog will provide exactly such information. Over time, the Joburg Inner-City Living blog will build up a loyal following of people keen to enjoy the best of the city.