Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure
110 Fox Street, Joburg Town
(between Rissik and Joubert Streets)

Find the entrance to Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure at 110 Fox Street between Rissik and Joubert Streets). You can park in front of our building along Fox Street, but it is always easier to simply use Uber or Bolt, simply head to 110 Fox Street.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS AND DO NOT JUST TYPE IN AN ADDRESS ON YOUR GPS as it may take you right through the middle of town where one-way streets, bus lanes blocking intersections etc can send you on a mad journey of driving in circles! We have also seen that some GPS apps (such as Ways) have the street numbers incorrect for Fox Street!



Take the M1 South and the M2 East.

Take the Rissik Street offramp

At the fifth traffic light, TURN RIGHT into Fox Street (after Gandhi Square but BEFORE Home Choice).

Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure is in the second building on the right (after Metropolitan).


FROM THE EAST take the Rissik Street offramp from the M2 and follow the same directions as above.