Cooking School (at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure)

The Kitchen Table Cooking School Lunch

Our JoburgPlaces Storytelling Dinners are already legendary and so are our exceptional restaurant, bar and events venue, Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure. No wonder then that we are delighted to be introducing the best combined experience we have ever offered to date: The Kitchen Table Cooking School Lunch at Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure.

Experience the best of our exceptional cuisine, during an interactive lunch where you learn how to prepare and cook the meals, while also listening to some of the exceptional stories of Joburg’s migrant communities who inspired these meals

Hosted for lunch on the second Sunday of each month and reserved for a maximum of 10 guests, dining together at the large table in Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure kitchen, while participating in meal preparation. Learn the recipes, listen to the stories, and enjoy an inspiring afternoon

Food Menu:
Casual but exquisite food, served in bowls for two guests two share.

Welcome bread with basil and chilli sauces

Chicken or vegetable samoosas
Feta & Olive wrapped in spinach leaves

These dishes form part of the cooking demonstration and guests will participate to some extent in preparing these dishes:
Mozambican Prawn Matapa
Pomegranate Duck Stew
Chickpea & Red Kidney Bean Stew
Olive-infused Country Vegetables

Tumeric-stained yellow rice
Dombolo (African steamed bread)

Rosewater & Fig infused Chocolate truffles

A full bar service will be available for you to order and pay for drinks on site.

R1150 per person, including the menu, cooking class/demonstration and printed recipes, as well as a branded Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure apron.
R800 per person, excluding the branded apron.

Second Sunday of each month, 12noon-4:30pm.
Sunday 13 February
Sunday 13 March
Sunday 10 April
Sunday 8 May
Sunday 12 June

The cooking demonstrations are led by Gerald Garner and his team of chefs,
while the storytelling is done by Charlie Moyo.

To book, send an email to or whatsapp to 082 894 5216. We will respond with booking confirmation and payment details.