Casual daytime restaurant service

As of Tuesday 2 March 2021, Thunder Walker will resume its casual, daytime restaurant service, 7 days a week (breakfast and lunch from 9am-3pm).

Guests will be seated in the Thunder Walker’s arcade or in the Midway alley leading to Gandhi Square.

The Thunder Walker menu is inspired by the diverse cuisines of South Africa’s people and the migrant culture of Johannesburg as a city. You will find, hearty real food on our menu, varying from traditional Cape-Malay bobotie and curries to Ethiopian, Nigerian, Mozambican, Indian and Chinese enthused meals.

Our food is prepared by a committed team, lead by Chefs Thobani and Skha, who take the utmost care to create tasty and beautifully-plated meals to cherish. We take care in creating exceptional vegan meals too.

(order on site):

This menu is merely indicative. We reserve the right to update the onsite menu at any time with new items and prices as and when required.


Roti, scrambled egg, peppers, onion, sliced jalapeno and cheese: R80

Two poached eggs in a sauce of tomato, peppers, onion and garlic with paprika, cumin and cayenne. Served with herbed bread: R90

Double chickpea sweet potato (VEGAN)🍃
Sweet potato stuffed with humus, roasted chickpea, kyle (chemolia) and tahini: R85



(1.) Cape Malay Chicken Curry
with Dombolo (steamed bread) on the side: R105

(2.) Cape Malay Fish Curry
with Dombolo (steamed bread) on the side: R105

(3.) Skha’s Vegetable Beef Curry
A hearty bowl of carrots, cabbage and onions, cubes of beef potatoes, tomatoes and chilli: R105

(4.) Traditional Beef Bobotie
with Yellow Rice on the side:  R115

(5.) Aubergine & Lentil Bobotie
with Yellow Rice on the side (VEGAN): R105

(6.) Chinese Chicken Chow-Mein: R95

(7.) Chinese Veg Chow-Mein (VEGETARIAN): R85

(8.) Chinese Duck Chow-Mein: R180

(9.) Cape Malay Butternet Soup
with Home-baked Bread on the side (VEGAN): R75

(10.) Jozi-style Macaroni & Cheese
Macaroni with cheese, corned beef and breadcrumbs – home-cooked deliciousness you simply must taste: R65

(11.) Chakalaka Salad: R40 (VEGAN)

(12.) Coleslaw: R40 (VEGETARIAN)

(13.) Ethiopian Beef Tibs with Grilled Peppers: R185

(14.) Chinese Beef Dumplings in Broth: R115

(15.) Chinese Vegetable Dumplings in Broth: R95

(16.) Mozambican Nut-free Matapa:
Grilled Prawns in Tahini Sauce: R195

(17.) Fish & Chips: 
Beer-buttered or lemon pan-fried hake fillet with potato or sweet-potato fries: R95

(18.) Grilled Aubergine: with Chickpea, Endemame, Beetroot & Peppers (VEGAN): R105

(19.) Tuna Tart: Tuna with rice, coconut milk, turmeric and paprika, oven-baked into a delicious ‘tart’: R90

(20.) Chicken Wrap: Crumbed chicken, mild spicy mayo and lettuce served with salad or sweet potato fries: R95.

(21.) Samoosa bowl: Six delicious samoosas: R75

(22.) Sadza Sandwich: Traditional Zimbabwean pap as a layered sandwich with chemolia and tomato sheba: R45

(23.) Flatbread: Our own baked flatbread with herbs: R40

(24.) Crisps: butternut and sweet potato crisps: R55

(25.) Sweet potato fries: R60


(26.) Slice of carrot cake:

(27.) Slice of moist chocolate cake: R60.

(28.) Slice of Baklava with seeds instead of nuts: R70

(29.) Mango sorbet with coconut cream and pickled ginger (VEGAN): R95

You can also download the menu here in pdf format (on the next page, click on the link again to open the pdf document):

Email or whatsapp 082 894 5216 to book.