Books by Gerald Garner

Gerald Garner has published several books about Johannesburg. These include:
– Spaces & Places – Johannesburg (2010)
– Spaces & Places – JoburgPlaces (2011)
– Johannesburg Ten Ahead (2012)
– Spaces & Places – SandtonPlaces (2016)
– Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead (2020).
All these books are currently out of print.
 Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead is available as a pdf ebook for R250.

The city of our dreams within our reach
– ‘Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead’ by Gerald Garner

The potential redevelopment of Old Joburg into a thriving urban neighbourhood could show the way ahead for South African cities. In his new book, ‘Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead’ Garner forecasts what Johannesburg could become in a post-Covid-19 world. A city that will face the death of the colossal corporate office, which will switch to fewer cars and more homes. Garner writes how this scenario would create the perfect opportunity to reshape the Johannesburg inner-city into a thriving neighbourhood with walkable streets and quality public spaces – a thriving neighbourhood in fact.

Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead also contains a valuable annexure, summarising the history of Johannesburg into six-phases of development. This is the story told on so many JoburgPlaces walks, city explorations and storytelling dinners – and finally available in print too. The seventh phase of Joburg’s development is now imminent and this is exactly what ‘Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead’ is focused on.

Ebook copies (pdf) can be ordered via whatsapp (082 894 5216) or email: