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Gerald Garner has published several books about Johannesburg. These include:
– Spaces & Places – Johannesburg (2010)
– Spaces & Places – JoburgPlaces (2011)
– Johannesburg Ten Ahead (2012)
– Spaces & Places – SandtonPlaces (2016)
– Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead (2020).
All these books are currently out of print. The latest book,  Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead, is currently available for order as an ebook. A small print run will also be issued by end of November 2020.
Ebooks sell for R250 a copy
Printed books retail for R600 a copy. However, you pay only R400 if you have already paid for an ebook copy.
Printed books can be pre-ordered for the pre-order price of R520 until 31 August 2020.
Gerald plans to update Spaces & Places – JoburgPlaces during 2020/2021 as a new ebook. Readers will also be able to buy mini-books on different neighbourhoods and areas of the city.
For more info on Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead, click on the link below.
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To order a copy of Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead, send an email to You will then receive payment details and the pdf copy of the book will be emailed to you once payment has been received (the ebook costs R250 per copy). Pre-orders for print copies can also be placed.
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