Zwipi Underground (bar & lounge)

Zwipi Underground is an exclusive, bespoke bar and lounge with its own red-door entrance on the side of the Thunder Walker at 110 Fox Street, in the heart of Old Joburg. Located in the basement of the historic Thunder Walker venue, Zwipi Underground is the most astonishing bank vault, turned into a bar and lounge.

Zwipi Underground is a beautiful and mysterious space, perfect for private parties. Boasting the original steel vault structure, circa 1904, with several booths and over 1000 mostly unopened safety deposit boxes, Zwipi Underground is a place to cherish and enjoy.

Pre or post dinner drinksĀ 
Thunder Walker dinner guests can enjoy drinks in the Zwipi Underground before or after dinner (if Covid-19 curfew restrictions allow).

Exquisite set-menu private dinners
Guests can also book the private dining room or the private vault booths in the Zwipi Underground for an exquisite and exceptional dinner experience.

Private dining rooms
Many people prefer to dine in private, especially in this time of physical distancing but desperately needed social connection. For this reason, we have set-up a private dining room in the Ziwpi Underground. Up to 20 guests can enjoy this beautiful dinner space without disturbance.

Couples can also opt for a romantic dinner in any one of our three, private vault booths.

Set menu options:
Note that a pre-order of your specific choice of menu/s and prepayment is essential in this case.

STARTER: Roasted butternut and aubergine
MAIN: Grilled Seabass
SIDE: Citrus salad
DESSERT: Mango sorbet, coconut cream and pickled ginger

STARTER: Vegetable Chinese dumplings
MAIN: Pomegranate Duck
SIDE: Roasted veggies
DESSERT: Moist chocolate cake

STARTER: Feta & olive spinach wraps with tzatziki
MAIN: Tender Beef Fillet
SIDE: Samp and greens
DESSERT: Rose & Fig-Infused Chocolate Truffles

STARTER: Cape Malay Butternut Soup
MAIN: Grilled prawns with a turmeric and tahini sauce
SIDE: Spicy, sticky rice in grilled pepper
DESSERT: Nut-free Baklava

STARTER: Cape Malay Butternut Soup
MAIN: Grilled aubergine with chickpea puree, edamame and peppers
SIDE: Spicy sticky rice in gilled pepper
DESSERT: Mango sorbet, coconut cream and pickled ginger

You can also download the menu in pdf format here (click on the link below to download the menu, on the next page click on the link again):

To book, whatsapp 082 894 5216 or email