Zwipi Underground (bar & lounge)

Zwipi Underground is an exclusive, bespoke bar and lounge with its own red-door entrance on the side of the Thunder Walker at 110 Fox Street, in the heart of Old Joburg. Located in the basement of the historic Thunder Walker venue, Zwipi Underground is the most astonishing bank vault, turned into a bar and lounge.

Zwipi Underground is one of the most exquisite and surprising spaces in Johannesburg. Originally built as the bank vault of the United Building Society, it operated from 1904 to 1978 and became known as the United Safety Deposit. The space stood vacant and forgotten from 1978 to 2018 when it was resurrected as part of the Thunder Walker project and turned into the most incredible bar and lounge. Today, Zwipi Underground is a beautiful and mysterious space, perfect for private parties. Boasting the original steel vault structure, circa 1904, with several booths and over 1000 mostly unopened safety deposit boxes, Zwipi Underground is a place to cherish and enjoy.

Zwipi Underground is reopening in October 2020, after six months of lockdown for private party bookings only. We offer an irresistible package in the form of our “A night with you”. A private party for you and your friends, colleagues or clients. With no venue hire, there is simply no other venue that can offer you the same, exceptional private party!

How does it work?
– Book an evening party, coined as “A night with you”.
– Bring at least 50 guests (you can invite them, or we can handle the invitations on your behalf).
– Host your guests from 8-11pm for a night about town.
– Guarantee a minimum spend of R10 000 for the bar.
– And we will give you 10% of the bar turnover back!
– You can use the payback to book another dinner, lunch or tour.
– Or you can donate it to an inner-city charity, which we can help to facilitate.
– Or you can take it as a pay-out.

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