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JoburgPlaces is the Johannesburg-based arm of LocalPlaces – your trustworthy guide to local hidden gems and secret spaces.

JoburgPlaces comprises a guide for those who prefer to travel off the beaten track, searching for the most exceptional spaces, places, and experiences on offer in the region, as well as a series of exceptionally curated tours, premised on mesmerizing storytelling. An updated JoburgPlaces guide will be published as an ebook, a searchable website and a phone app during 2022.

JoburgPlaces also offers exceptional inner-city tours, based on mesmerizing storytelling. Private tours are available 7 days a week and public tours on occasional Saturdays.

In addition, the team at JoburgPlaces operates Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure – an astonishing restaurant, bar and events venue located in a historic, erstwhile bank vault in the heart of Joburg Town.  Open Tuesday till Saturday each week for casual but exquisite lunch, drinks and dinner in the city. Also open for special events per occasion.


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Your hosts: Charlie and Gerald 


Best is to contact Gerald Garner via e-mail on gerald@joburgplaces.com.
Gerald can also be contacted by whatsapp on + 27 (0)82 894 5216.

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