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Welcome to the home of LocalPlaces. This page is dedicated to the JoburgPlaces operations of LocalPlaces. Apart from JoburgPlaces, we are also busy developing experiences for PretoriaPlaces and CapetownPlaces .

At JoburgPlaces, we focus on exceptional tours, experiences, and events in the mesmerizing inner-city of Johannesburg. We are also busy producing a new guidebook to the city. We are famous for our captivating walking tours and inner-city explorations. We also operate an exceptional events venue, located in an historic bank vault in the heart of town, known as Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure.

If you are accessing this site form a mobile phone, click on the menu icon on the top right to view the site menu and click on the tabs for details on the different tours and experiences. If you are viewing this website from an internet browser on a computer, click on the menu tabs on the left to read more on everything we offer.

Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure – historic bank vault converted to an extraordinary event space, restaurant and bar.

Your hosts: Charlie and Gerald 


Best is to contact Gerald Garner via e-mail on gerald@joburgplaces.com.
Gerald can also be contacted by whatsapp on + 27 (0)82 894 5216.

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