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To book email:
or send a text/whatsapp message to 082 894 5216

NOTE: all daily public tours are conducted  by Charlie Moyo or one of our other freelance guides. Gerald Garner DOES NOT conduct daily public tours but is available exclusively for pre-booked private tours. The monthly Pubs, Bars & Rooftops tour by open-top bus is always guided by Gerald.






Different public tours are offered on specific days each week:

City Centre Walking Tour @R300 per person (guided by Charlie Moyo)
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday every week: 9:30am-1pm

Marshalltown Walking Tour @R300 per person (guided by Charlie Moyo)
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday every week: 2pm-5:30pm

Fashion District & Little Addis (Ethiopian Quarter) Walking Tour @R300 per person
(guided by Charlie Moyo)
Wednesday and Saturday every week, 9:30am-1pm

Maboneng Walking Tour @R300 per person (guided by Charlie Moyo)
Wednesday and Saturday every week, 2pm-5:30pm

  • Rates exclude use of Rea Vaya public transport where applicable and access to Top of Africa at Carlton Centre. Such expenses or food and drink payable by customers directly during the tour.

Private tours always available
All the above-mentioned tours are also available as private tours at other times and on other days, subject to pre-booking and us having a guide available. Private tours start at R1000 for 2 people, R1500 for 4 people and R300 per person if the group comprises 5 or more people (private tours are guided by Charlie Moyo, or any of our selection of freelance guides). Any of these tours can also be booked with Gerald Garner as the guide at a premium rate (R3800 for a group of up to 10 people).

Apart from the public tours listed above, the following private tours are also available on request

Mini Pubs Bars & Rooftops Walking Tour
Ideal for early evenings (6-9:30pm)
R1000 for 2 people, R1500 for 4 people and R300 per person if the group comprises 5 or more people

Constitution Hill Walking Tour
Ideal for mornings (9:30am-1pm)
R1000 for 2 people, R1500 for 4 people and R300 per person if the group comprises 5 or more people. * Rate excludes museum entrance fees.

Monthly special tours
We offer a monthly special public tour, guided by Gerald Garner. For this tour we travel by bus between some of the trendiest and most famous drinking spots in the inner-city

Pubs, Bars & Rooftops tour @R430 per person (guided by Gerald Garner)
Sat 27 Jan, 10 March & 7 April, 2pm-8:30pm

* All rates are for the tours itself only. Any costs for food and drinks or where public bus tickets for the Rea Vaya bus system are required, are for the customer’s own account on the day.


Pre-booking and pre-payment is essential. Book by emailing or send a text/whatsapp message to 082 894 5216. We will send you a booking form with banking details. A place on a tour is only confirmed upon receipt of proof of payment. For international clients who do not have a local bank account and cannot make a local transfer, we will send a Paypal request. You can then follow the links and pay by foreign credit card.

JoburgPlaces operates from Hangout Jozi at One Eloff, Joziburg (see Most tours start and end here. However some tours have different starting points. Confirm when you book

Customers are most welcome to arrive at Hangout Jozi earlier for coffee, drinks and eats or to stay afterwards for a leisurely meal and good times.



This tour uncovers the exciting secrets of the centre of Johannesburg’s inner-city and is a MUST DO experience for any Joburg visitor. The tour’s aim is to introduce visitors to the city centre, be they stay-over guests and even those living in Joburg but not that familiar with the surroundings. The tour takes in a mixture of cool spots, viewpoints, historic buildings, market streets and art establishments.

It includes visits to the Top of Africa at the Carlton Centre, Urban Zulu (fashion store), Café Noir, the energetic Kerk Street shopping and street-market district, the historic core around the Rissik Street Post Office and the Mine Shaft Museum at Standard Bank.

Typical tour schedule:
9:30 Introduction at Hangout Jozi
9:45 Exploration of the One Eloff building and Joziburg precinct
10:00 Café Noir & Urban Zulu
10:30 Carlton Centre (Top of Africa)
11:15 Kerk Street (market street and shopping district)
11:45 Historic Core (City Hall, Rissik Street Post Office, Barbican)

12:00 Somerset House and Gandhi Square
12:30 Standard Bank’s Ferreira’s Mine Shaft (basement of building)
13:00 Hangout Jozi (lunch available for customer’s own account – not included in tour price)

This is the signature tour in the JoburgPlaces collection and it is the best introduction to the Johannesburg inner-city. The focus is on the mesmerising history of the city. The tour tells the story of Joburg’s gold-rush inception, boom days, eventual decline and current regeneration. Starting from Hangout Jozi at One Eloff, the tour takes in Gandhi Square and the pedestrianised Main Street in the corporate mining district, including historic landmarks such as the Mapungubwe Rhino replica, Hollard Street, the Impala Stampede Sculpture and the Shadow Boxer Sculpture in front of Chancellor House where Mandela & Tambo once had their law offices. It is a historically intense and thorough tour, interspersed with public art and cool sidewalk cafes.

Typical tour schedule:
1:00pm Guests have lunch at Hangout Jozi pre-tour (for their own account)
2pm Introduction at Hangout Jozi
2:30pm Gandhi Square
2:45pm Rand Club
3:15pm Cramers Coffee (short coffee break)
3:40pm Mapungubwe Rhino & Hollard Street
4:10pm Mining Headgear
4:25pm Anglo American and Impala Stampede Sculpture
4:45pm Chancellor House (Mandela & Tambo’s 1952 law offices)
5pm Walk back to Hangout Jozi
5:30pm Arrive back at Hangout Jozi.


Maboneng is the foremost regenerated district in Johannesburg inner-city. The area is predominantly developed and managed by Propertuity (Pty) Ltd and known for great art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, backpacker lodges, artist studios and more. Maboneng is full of fascinating public art and a district that is a must experience on any Joburg visit. The tour includes visits to landmark buildings such as Hallmark House, Agog, Access City, Common Ground, Cosmopolitan, Maverick Corner, Curiocity Backpackers, Main Street Life and Arts on Main.

Typical tour schedule:
2pm Introduction at Hangout Jozi
2:15pm Walk across Gandhi Square to Rea Vaya Library Gardens
2:30pm Take Rea Vaya bus to Maboneng
2:45pm Disembark from Rea Vya bus at Jeppe Street Police Station
2:50pm Walk through new section of Maboneng, visiting Agog & Access City,
3:20pm Common Ground & Hallmark House
3:40pm Walk to original section of Maboneng
3:55pm Arts on Main
4:15pm Revolution House, Main Street Change and surrounds
4:30pm Curiocity Backpackers, Maverick Corner, Cosmopolitan
5pm Catch Rea Vaya bus back to Library Gardens
5:30pm Arrive back at Hangout Jozi


Probably the most fascinating tour in the inner-city, it takes in the historic garment district, today repositioned as the Fashion District. Visit the Fashion Kapitol and Fashion District Wholesalers, known for its ShweShwe fabrics. Also do some bargain shopping in the area, before walking on the Ethiopian Quarter of the city. Explore buildings full of mazes of shops, sample the best Ethiopian coffee and enjoy a lovely Ethiopian meal too. The tour is a cultural immersive experience that uncovers the fascinating migrant history and communities of the city.

Typical tour schedule:
9:30:                 Introduction at Hangout Jozi
9:45:                 Walk up Eloff Street to Pritchard Street
10:00:               Walk down Prithard Street to Fashion Kapitol
10:15:               Fashion Kapitol
10:25                Fashion District Wholesalers and surrounding shops
10:45                Stop at Fashion Shack while guests get time to shop on their own in the area
11:10:               Walk towards Ethiopian Quarter
11:25:               Joburg Mall
11:40:               Medical Arts Centre, stop for Ethiopian Coffee
12:10:               Walk back to Fashion Kapitol
12:30:               Walk through Carlton Centre
1 pm:                Arrive back at Hangout Jozi.

Our short version of the Pubs, Bars & Rooftops tour, is offered in the early evening as a walking tour.  Starting at Hangout Jozi we visit a series of cool spots in the centre of town. Stops include four bars, for example, the Urban Zulu rooftop at Urban Backpackers, the Rand Club, Brass Bar at City Central, Elevate Rooftop at the Reef Hotel, The Vault at the Mapunguwbe Hotel, Kamasutra Bar, Urbanologi/Mad Giant at 1Fox or the Good Luck Bar at 1Fox . The tour starts and ends at Hangout Jozi where customers can enjoy more drinks at their leisure. Itineraries will change from time-to-time as specific venues may have private event bookings, meaning we will visit an alternative spot in the vicinity. This tour is guided by Charlie Moyo who is an experienced bar-person, known for his delectable Gin cocktails at Hangout Jozi. Apart from visiting cool spots, Charlie will tell a story about the city and the neighbourhood at each stop.

Typical tour schedule:
5pm Guests have drinks at Hangout Jozi pre-tour
6pm Introduction at Hangout Jozi
6:15pm Walk to Urban Zulu rooftop at Urban Backpackers
6:30pm FIRST STOP: Urban Zulu rooftop or Café Noir
7pm Walk to Rand Club
7:15pm SECOND STOP: Rand Club
7:45pm Walk to Kamasutra Bar
7:50pm THIRD STOP: Kamasutra Bar
8:20pm Walk to Reef Hotel (Sun Deck or Elevate Rooftop)
8:30pm FOURTH STOP: Sun Deck or Elevate Rooftop at Reef Hotel
9:10pm Walk back to Hangout Jozi
9:30pm Arrive back at Hangout Jozi (stay for Gin tasting!)

Constitution Hill is home to the highest court in South Africa, the Constitutional Court – an amazing architectural gem. Also on the hill is No 4 Prison, the Old Fort and the Women’s Jail. If you want to understand the story of South Africa, especially the injustices of the Apartheid past and how the country overcame that legacy to the point of an exemplary constitution, then this tour is for you. Part of the tour focuses on the times Mahatma Gandhi and later Nelson Mandela were imprisoned here. The prison museums are astonishing and the court is a marvellous art gallery too.

Experience some of Joburg’s most famous drinking spots – from trendy rooftop bars to underground pubs and historic watering holes. Discover a city that is undergoing a remarkable rebirth, a city that offers much more than you would imagine in terms of trendy bars and entertainment. You are guaranteed an exceptional and memorable Joziburg day! The tour includes six stops. The final route is only confirmed a week ahead of time as stops depend on availability and private function bookings at the establishments.

 JoburgPlaces is a curated Joburg inner-city story-telling and tour business. The Pubs, Bars & Rooftops tour is a curated experience that involves storytelling about the city’s history and regeneration along the way. The R430 fee covers the tour guiding experience and the bus transport as we take you from spot to spot. We stop at six bars. Cost of actual drinks and food is for your own account along the way. Starting point for this tour always differs depending on the day and itinerary.


To book:
Or send a whatsapp/text to 082 894 5216
More info on



* Drinks and food in all cases for your own account
* Tour fees exclude entrance fees for places such as Top of Africa (Carlton Centre) and Constitution Hill Museums. Fees also exclude tickets for Rea Vaya public buses where applicable (for instance on the Maboneng) tour. All such expenses during a tour for customers’ own accounts.





Or send a text/whatsapp message to: 082 894 5216

See for further info.


One Eloff is easily reachable from the M2 highway from either way by taking the Rissik Street off-ramp into town. Once in Rissik Street, turn right into Albert and right into Eloff. To get to the parking drive down Eloff and turn left at the traffic light into Wemmer Jubilee Street. Now turn left at the gate at the end of the yellow-and-blue building. Drive up the lane and the ramp to the rooftop parking.
Walk in entrance: 2 Eloff Street
Vehicle entrance: 3 Wemmer Jubilee Street

See for info on our bar and foodhall, trading hours etc.

It is the pleasure of JoburgPlaces to recommend Eenblond tours for nature experiences, safari, craft beer tours and more in the countryside surrounding Johannesbug. Visit their webpage:

Hartebeespoort Day Tours

JoburgPlaces Terms & Conditions:

Note that a booking is only secured once we have received proof of payment. Also note our terms and conditions, including our booking and refund policy:

  1. Any cancellation will incur a 20% admin charge.
  2. No cancellations will be accepted within 30 days of the actual booking date, meaning no refunds will be processed on bookings cancelled less than 30 days ahead of the booking date.
  3. Should a guest want to postpone a booking more than 30 days, ahead of the original booking date, this will be done with pleasure and at no surcharge.
  4. Should a guest want to postpone a booking to another date, less than 30 days ahead of the booking date, a 20% admin fee will be charged.
  5. Participation in JoburgPlaces tours is voluntary and at the full risk of the customer. JoburgPlaces and Anchorco (Pty) Ltd as well as the guides conducting tours on behalf of JoburgPlaces do not accept any liability for any harm, injury or death that may incur as a result of a guest participating in a tour stages by JoburgPlaces.



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