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Start and end at Hangout Jozi at the Joziburg Lane, One Eloff, the city’s hang-out where you can enjoy our craft bar, braai-eatery, deli and events venue, operated by the JoburgPlaces team. Also on offer are a selection of independent foodstalls and eateries/coffee shops along the lane.

In 2017 JoburgPlaces is introducing a new range of daily public tours, as well as specialist occasional tours and talks. Private tours are available on request.

For public tours, pay by bank card when you arrive on site, but pre-booking is essential to ensure that groups are limited to a manageable size. All tours start and end at the Joziburg Lane at One Eloff (see Private tours must be pre-arranged and prepaid.

To book email: or send a text/whatsapp message to 082 894 5216

For more information on daily tours (Tue-Sat), talks and occasional tours, download the brochure:


Walking tour
R250 per person

Offered daily (Tuesday – Saturday) every week as of 18 January 2017.
Starting and 10am and ending at 1pm back at the Joziburg Lane where you can linger for a leisurely lunch.

This tour takes you through the heart of the historic corporate and mining central business district of the city. We walk across Gandhi Square, down the pedestrianed Main Street which forms an outdoor mining and city museum, all the way down to Chancellor House where Mandela & Tambo had their law practice in 1952. Along the way you encounter the astonishing history of the city – from its famous lawyers such as Gandhi and Mandela, to its gold-mining roots, astonishing cycle of boom and bust, its heydays and eventual decline – as well as its current rebirth and regeneration. There is time to enjoy coffee at a streetside café along the way and to experience Jozi as a bustling metropolis with astonishing history, people and places.


Walking tour
R250 per person

Offered daily (Tuesday – Saturday) every week, as of 24 January 2017.
Starting at 2pm at the Joziburg Lane. Arrive earlier and enjoy lunch in our foodhall. Stay afterwards for sundowner drinks and more snacks.

Discover one of the newest precincts of the inner-city undergoing regeneration. This historic part of the city, once known as Motortown is now home to One Eloff and the Joziburg Lane. Explore this gigantic building with its Joziburg Lane (foodhall, events space and lane shops), 320 affordable-rental, loft-style apartments, courtyards and a bargain shopping mall (currently under construction). Also visit some of the artist studios above the lane and explore the story of neighbouring, historic Dorcay House and Bantu Men’s Social Club – the city’s most famous music venues of the 1950 opposite the One Eloff building. Famous patrons at the 1950s Dorcay House Jazz Club included Mandela, Tambo and Sisulu. Take a glimpse at the Faraday Taxi Rank and Muti Market as well as the gritty streets, brimming with potential in the vicinity. On weekdays we stop over at the Workhorse Foundry (bronze foundry and artists studio) The tour also walks up Eloff Street to the Carlton Centre for a peek at the city’s shopping heart and a view from the ‘Top of Africa’ on the 50th floor of this building.

(including Top of Africa at Carlton Centre)
Walking tour
R250 per person
(Price excluded the R15 per person fee payable to use the lift to the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre which is paid directly by guests when we visit this attraction)

Offered daily (Tuesday – Saturday) every week as of 31 January 2017.
Starting and 9am and ending at 1pm back at the Joziburg Lane where you can linger for a leisurely lunch.

Johannesburg has recently been voted the second best shopping travel destination in the world after Dubai. While the greater city brims with glitzy shopping malls, it is the inner-city that offers the best bargain shopping experience. Walk the streets and experience the frenetic energy of ‘high street shopping’. We walk up Eloff Street to the Kerk Street linear market and retail hub, down Pritchard Street to the Fashion Kapitol. Next up is Small Street Mall and the Carlton Centre whre we also visit the Top of Africa viewing floor. Back to One Eloff for more shopping. Guests can linger at the Joziburg Lane after the tour for a leisurely lunch.


R150 per person
Offered 9-11am on Friday mornings as of Friday 28 January.

Offered at the Joziburg Lane.

Each Friday morning, Gerald Garner presents a 2-hour photographic presentation and talk telling the full story of Johannesburg’s fascinating history – from its gold-rush inception and heydays to its eventual urban decline and current regeneration. If you want to really understand how this crazy city has become the frenetic, energetic cultural melting pot it is today, then this talk should be top of your agenda. Scheduled for 9-11am on Friday mornings the tour is perfectly timed to that guests can join the Marshalltown Walking Tour afterwards.


Bus transport provided for this tour
Next tour: Saturday 4 Feb (2-8pm)
R400 per person (excl food and drinks, pay for  your own food/drinks at each bar)

Experience some of Joburg’s most famous drinking spots – from trendy rooftop bars to underground pubs and historic watering holes. Discover a city that is undergoing a remarkable rebirth, a city that offers much more than you would imagine in terms of trendy bars and entertainment. You are guaranteed an exceptional and memorable Joziburg day! The tour includes stops at six bars and typically includes visits to establishments such as the Joziburg Tasting Bar (Joziburg Lane), Good Luck Bar or Urbanologi (1Fox), Curiocity Backpackers and Agog (Maboneng), Parktonian Rooftop (Braamfontein) and Elevate (Reef Hotel in Marshalltown). However depending on availability and function bookings, stops may change to other trendy spots such as the Marshall Bar (Mapungubwe Hotel in Marshalltown), Bannister Hotel or The Immigrant (Braamfontein), Potato Shed (Newtown) and many other  options.


Walking tour
Next tour: Saturday 18 Feb (9am-2pm)
R350 per person (excl food and drinks, pay for your own food/drinks at Ethiopian establishments along the way)

A walking tour centred on the Fashion Kapitol in the Fashion District. Visit Joburg’s most famous Shweshwe fabric store, do some high-end and bargain fashion shopping, learn about the city’s migrant heritage and visit the mesmerising Ethiopian Quarter, known as Little Addis where you can ‘shop till you drop’. We stop for lunch and coffee on the balcony of a genuine, authentic Ethiopian Restaurant with a great view of the hustle and bustle of the street below. We also amble along the famous shopping areas of Eloff, Pritchard and Small street to and from the Joziburg Lane.

Walking tour
Next tour: Saturday 4 March (12noon-6pm)
R400 per person (excl food and drinks, pay for your own drinks along the way). Arrive early and enjoy a lunch at Joziburg Lane BEFORE the tour

This is JoburgPlaces’ signature tour and the only tour that is guaranteed to by guided by JoburgPlaces founder, Gerald Garner, himself. Experience the incredibly regenerated Joburg City. This walking tour takes you through Marshalltown (the Corporate Mining District), Ferrairastown, the Historic Core, the Retail District and Braamfontein. The tour recounts the astonishing story of Joburg’s gold-rush birth, its glory days and the impact of apartheid until the eventual decline of the city. Of course the focus is on the current rebirth of downtown Joburg. Get to know the trendiest spots, incredible public art and fall in love with Joburg City!

Bus transport provided for this tour
Next tour: Saturday 18 March (10am-4pm)
R400 per person (excl food and drinks and museum entrances, pay for your own food/drinks and entrance tickets along the way).

The energetic South Western Townships of Johannesburg is a smorgasbord of history. While Soweto is today very much a developed suburb of Johannesburg, it has an incredible story and wonderful, welcoming community. This tour focuses on the struggle against apartheid but also on the impressive development of Soweto in recent decades. We visit historic spots like the Hector Pieterson Museum (site of the 1976 Soweto uprising), the Mandela House Museum in Vilakazi Street, the Regina Mundi Church and historic Kliptown (historic Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication). We also stop at either Sakhumzi or Chaf Pozi for lunch and drinks.

Expect to pay approximately R30 entrance at Hector Pieterson Museum, R80 at Mandela House Museum and R30 for the local guide at Regina Mundi Church.


SOUTH TO NORTH INNER-CITY tour (including Constitution Hill)
Walking tour
Next tour: Saturday 1 April (9am-2pm)
R400 per person (excl food and drinks and museum entrance fees, pay for your own drinks and museum tickets along the way). Linger at the Joziburg Lane after the tour for a late, leisurely lunch.

Leaving from Joziburg Lane we walk up Eloff Street and right through Park Station up hill to the highest point in the city: Constitution Hill. We visit the Constitutional Court, South Africa’s highest court that safeguards our constitution. Hear they amazing story of this building, construction in the new millennium to celebrates South Africa’s democracy – a humble and welcoming building that is many ways is an astonishing art gallery. We visit the prison museums on site where both Gandhi and Mandela were imprisoned at different times. A visit to Constitution Hill provides a thorough understanding of Joburg’s struggle history but also of the dawn of democracy and current day South Africa.





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